Interested in traveling abroad while maintaining your college studies? The Office of Education Abroad at Indiana State University offers courses at over 350 different universities all over the world. Students can attend a foreign university and gain credit towards their major, minor, foundational studies, and/or electives! Here, on our blog, read about study abroad experiences through the eyes of our students, get helpful tips and information, and stay updated on deadlines and more!

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There are several different series or “categories” featured on this blog that can make it easy to research a particular topic. Regularly updated posts are organized under these categories:

Helpful Information

This is the most useful category as it showcases different topics that are common questions and concerns of study abroad students. A new topic is posted at the end of each week.

Learning the Language

Learning the Language includes posts mainly for language majors and minors or those studying abroad in a country where a foreign language is spoken. Each post will feature a student who studied abroad to learn a foreign language. They focus on the challenges, pronunciation, how prepared they were to speak the foreign language, what the language courses were like abroad, and more. This category was created to prove that a common language differs in areas around the world!

Location Light-Up

This category features a particular university where students can study abroad. These posts are designed to feature a certain university and explain the campus, student life, housing, classes, and more.

Quote of the Week

The quotes posted under this category provide inspiration and motivation to travel and study abroad through a creative format.

Sycamore Spotlight

A Sycamore Spotlight post features a recent study abroad student. They explain where they studied abroad, what their host university and city was like, what a typical day included, etc. This category serves as a reference to see what studying abroad in a certain country is like- completely from the student’s perspective!

Tasting the World

This category features food in different areas around the world. It will give you a ‘taste’ of what to expect in your host country as food is one of the biggest aspects involved in culture shock.

Traveler’s Destinations

In this category a student chooses one “traveler’s destination” that was located in or near their host city. They explain their favorite and most popular destination, what it has to offer, and why students should visit. The purpose of these posts is to inspire potential study abroad students to travel to or even study abroad in the host city mentioned to see the top traveler’s destination in the area.

As any ISU student can study abroad in one of 359 universities in 61 different countries, it can be difficult to decide without the right amount of research. Every post and category is beneficial for any study abroad student at any point in the study abroad process. Follow our blog to keep up with all of our updates!


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