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How to Choose a Program

We know it's hard to select one program from more than 350 universities that we work with, but it's completely worthwhile! Β There are many things to consider when choosing which program will work best for you, such as duration and location, costs, and courses that are available. To help you in this decision-making process, we... Continue Reading →

To some students studying abroad is an exciting adventure. To others, it is a topic that brings about many concerns. Over the course of New Student Orientation I have heard many of these concerns from parents and students, however many are common misunderstandings. The following statements are the top 5 study abroad myths that have... Continue Reading →

Veritas Course Changes

Interested in going to Veritas Universidad? Check out the new courses that are being added to their catalog this year! ENV 4100 Biotechnology and Sustainability ENV 4050 Biology of Tropical Insects SPN 6100 Teaching Tools for Spanish Teachers TECH 3100 Digital Media and Art TECH 2500 Intro to Programming Other potential courses may include Fashion... Continue Reading →

35 Creative Ways to Fund Your Program Abroad

We know there can be a gap between scholarships, financial aid, and study abroad costs, but one option students don't often consider is fundraising! Using alternative methods to fund a study abroad program can be fun and financially rewarding at the same time. Here are 35 creative fundraising ideas that we think students could try:... Continue Reading →

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