What is study abroad?

Study abroad takes place when a student is enrolled and attends courses at a foreign university (in another country), and upon their return, he or she receives credit for those courses toward their degree at their home university. The length of stay and number of courses may vary. ISU’s Education Abroad Office offers Study Abroad programs in the Summer, as well as Spring and Fall semesters. Students may study abroad for a full year, a semester, or many weeks in the summer depending on what the chosen host institution offers. Courses are available in almost any area of study.

Why should I study abroad?

Studying abroad boosts a student’s self-confidence, independence, and leadership skills. It helps develop cross-cultural communication skills and adaptability, making them stand out in job interviews, all while earning credits towards his or her degree.

When can/should I study abroad?

Students are required to complete two semesters at ISU or another university before going abroad. This means a student could go abroad the summer after their freshman year! We would advise that students begin planning one or two semesters in advance. Many students study abroad in their sophomore or junior year, but if appropriate planning is done, students may study abroad as a senior as well.

What requirements are there?

Students are required to have two completed semesters at ISU or another university before going abroad as well as a 2.0 GPA. They must meet with a Study Abroad Advisor, and complete the Study Abroad Application as well as other forms.

How long is a study abroad program?

The Office of Education Abroad offers a variety of programs ranging from one week to a full academic year. Students have the opportunity to attend a program in the summer, spring or fall semester, and may choose a program with a duration that fits their schedule and budget.

Where can I go?

The Education Abroad Office is connected with over 350 universities in more than 60 countries! So, there are a number of locations to choose from in regions such as Europe, Central and South America, and more!

What are the application deadlines?

Applications will NOT be accepted after the deadlines, unless previously approved by the Study Abroad Director. The deadlines to submit applications for specific semesters are:

Fall Semesters           March 15th

Spring Semesters      October 1st (September 15th  for Spain)

Summer Semesters   March 1st

Where can I apply!?

All students are required to meet with a Study Abroad Advisor prior to being accepted. This meeting will help students in selecting their program location and duration, courses, and more. Students can set up a meeting on our scheduler here. After meeting with an advisor, students can complete the Study Abroad Application along with other forms.

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