What can I study while abroad?

The Office of Education Abroad at ISU offers diverse programs in over 350 universities around the globe. Courses vary by university, but may go toward a student’s major, minor, foundational studies, or electives needed.  Study abroad is for ALL areas of study, so any student going abroad will benefit from a global experience. Check out courses that students have taken in the past!

Do I receive college credit for studying abroad? How do I get credits to transfer?

Yes! All courses taken while abroad on an ISU-approved program will receive credit as long as students plan ahead and complete the Academic Planning Form with the help of our office and advisors. Be sure to read more about Academic Credit Transfer and How to Get Classes Approved while applying.

Will graduation be delayed if I go abroad?

If students plan ahead and confirm that their classes will transfer, there is no reason for graduation to be delayed. In some cases, students may graduate early because of the accelerated classes they took while abroad.

Am I required to know or learn a foreign language?

Students are NOT REQUIRED to know or learn a foreign language before going abroad. Many programs offer English-only courses as well as courses instructed in foreign languages, depending upon the location. Learning a few phrases in the host language may be helpful when going abroad, and beginner language courses may be available as well, but these are both optional.

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