Travel and Documents

What documents are needed for international travel?

All students are required to have a passport before going abroad. This passport is an internationally recognized document that verifies your citizenship. You must present your passport each time you enter or leave a country. Most countries require that your expiration date be valid for at least six months beyond your return date. Some students may need a visa depending on the location and duration of his or her program. We also advise that students bring a copy of their study abroad acceptance letters. Some countries also require a “Yellow Card” or immunization record before letting travelers enter the country.

What is a visa and do I need one?

A visa is a stamp or document that is usually placed in your passport which authorizes you to ask for entry into a country at the country’s border. Depending on the country, length of program, and type of program, you may be required to obtain a visa for your international experience prior to departure. Each country sets its own visa requirements, and the requirements are frequently updated and changed. Read more about visas and use this site to find out if you need one!

Who is responsible for purchasing my flight?

All students are responsible for purchasing their own flight. The Education Abroad Office asks that all students send their Departure and Return flight info to the office in case of emergency.

Can I travel outside my host country while abroad?

Students may travel outside of their host university and country while abroad, however, students are reminded that they are studying abroad. Travel and excursions should not interfere with classes or academic work. Students are also asked that they notify the Education Abroad Office when they will be visiting another city in case an emergency may occur.

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