Alyssa in Spain (and more!)

“During my time abroad, I traveled all throughout Spain (Ronda, Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Barcelona, and of course Malaga where I studied). I also made trips to Amsterdam, Paris, London, and Dublin after my study abroad program. Paris was by far one of my favorite cities. Everything was so beautiful. I walked the river and visited the…

Valerie in Costa Rica

“My time studying abroad was life-changing. I met so many awesome people and made new life-long friends. There were times where I was challenged, especially traveling solo, but I became a smarter and more cultured person through these experiences. I now try to take life a little slower and live with a Pura Vida motto.”

Hannah in Italy

“Take every opportunity you can! Take that cooking class, join a club if you have time, go to the museum, spend a little extra money on a great pair of shoes or jacket, take every opportunity you can to travel outside of your city, and most of all take every chance you can to step…

Ashley in Ireland

“I loved Maynooth and wouldn’t have wanted to end up anywhere else. Good luck on your time abroad my fellow wanderer.”

Gabrielle in Italy

“Through my time abroad and the wonderful experiences in Italy I learned so much about the language that no textbook could ever teach!”

Tanner in Czech Republic

“My experience living in Prague and travelling Europe was both eye-opening and inexplicably transformational. I learned more about myself and the world through my trip than any single experience I have ever had. My eyes were opened to so many different perspectives that I had never even considered, and seeing them while travelling to some…

Victoria in Ecuador

“My Study Abroad experience was very eye opening. I did more things in Ecuador than I thought I could ever do. I pushed myself and persevered through the language difficulties and in the end came through proud and changed. Through being there I found my passion. If it weren’t for my Study Abroad experience I…

Lynae in Fiji

“It was one of the most rewarding experiences that I have ever done. I have a new appreciation for different cultures, people, and language.”

Elinor in England

“I absolutely loved studying abroad at Edge Hill University. It was an amazing semester where I had an opportunity to explore British Culture as well as take amazing courses. The team at Edge Hill was absolutely amazing; Jason and Bill are 100% invested in students and their goals and education. I could not have chosen…

Sierra in Scotland

“My experience in Scotland was definitely one of the best events in my time at ISU. It was my first time out of the country, and it was so incredibly magical to be able to witness such historical and beautiful landmarks. I met so many incredible people, and the culture was so beautiful. I definitely…