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How to Get Your Parents’ Approval to Study Abroad

We see it all the time - the student wants to study abroad, the student knows the perfect location for them, and the student has everything planned out...except for one major detail - the parents are not all for it. So how can you get your parents to be on your side with your decision?... Continue Reading →

Study Abroad AND Graduate On Time

Studying abroad and graduating on time isn't a new concept. To keep it simple, as long as you pre-approve your study abroad courses, pass your classes, stay a full-time student, and plan out your 4-year degree path, you can study abroad and graduate on time. Here's a few tips on how you can do both:... Continue Reading →

The Best Decision and The Best Advice- Hannah H.

Hannah H. studied abroad at one of our partner universities, Florence University of the Arts, in Florence, Italy during the Fall 2016 semester. Going abroad soon? Read about her adventures and advice below: During the Fall semester of 2016, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy at Florence University of the Arts.... Continue Reading →

Deadline Extension for Selected Programs

Are you still considering studying abroad sometime this year? You still have time to apply! Here is a list of programs with approaching deadlines that can still be met for summer and fall 2017: Partner Universities: American College of Thessaloniki Edge Hill University, England Florence University of the Arts, Italy KCP International Japanese Language School,... Continue Reading →

Difference Between Study Abroad and Faculty-Led Programs

Our office operates two different branches: Study Abroad and Faculty-Led. Theses two types of education abroad programs are vastly different, and are easy to mix up. Here's a guide to understanding each type of program. Faculty-Led: Faculty-Led is just how it sounds: a faculty member (a professor, department head, or staff member) leads a short-term... Continue Reading →

Keep Your Study Abroad Forms Organized

Our initial application is five pages, the second set of forms is three pages, your host university/affiliate company will require many more, and we will also need a copy of your passport, so it is safe to say that there are quite a few documents that you will need to complete in order to study... Continue Reading →

Summer Study Abroad FAQs

A frequent question that is asked about summer study abroad programs is about program length. Are summer programs all summer? The answer is no! Programs range from 3-12 weeks with a standard program being four weeks with add-on terms available. Most summer study abroad students go abroad for 4-6 weeks with the option of adding... Continue Reading →

The Most Important Packing Tip

All study abroad students have many questions regarding one subject- packing! Packing a suitcase can be a roller-coaster ride (or in this case a flight) because once you zip it closed, you know that the next time it will be open will be in your host country. All the clothes you pack as well as... Continue Reading →

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