Top 10 Foods to Try in Japan

Interested in going to Japan? Check out these top ten foods to eat in Japan on BBC GoodFood!


Application Deadlines for Study Abroad Programs in Asia

We are now handing out and accepting applications for any spring study abroad programs which means that the October 1st deadline (or September 15th for Spain programs) is going to be coming up soon. The earlier you turn in an application, the earlier you will get accepted and be allowed to work on your host... Continue Reading →

Earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan, Brazil’s Impeachment Proceedings, and the Election Update

Due to a crazy work (and school) week on our end, here are the Top Four News Stories that you need to know:   Ecuador Earthquake What You Need to Know: On Saturday night, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck the northwest coast of Ecuador. With this being the strongest since 1979, more than 525 people have... Continue Reading →

Know Before You Go: Paris, Beirut, & Japan

Here are the Top Five News Stories that caught our eyes this week:   Paris Attacks What You Need to Know: On Friday, the Western World was shocked when gunmen and suicide bombers struck Paris, France. The unsuspecting people of Paris were not prepared when the attackers struck a concert hall, a major sports stadium,... Continue Reading →

Know Before You Go: Queen Elizabeth, North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons, and Homo Naledi

Here are the Top Five news stories that caught our eyes this week! Flooding in Japan What You Need to Know: Last week Japan was hit by a tropical storm followed by an abnormal amount of rainfall. This lead to widespread flooding and landslides in north-east Japan, forcing many people to leave and lose their... Continue Reading →

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