Internships Abroad

Did you know that you can intern abroad? A couple of our partner universities and a few affiliate companies including CEA, Classport, and ISA partner with businesses and organizations abroad that allow you to receive internship credit hours. Internships for all majors are offered for both semester and summer terms. Interning abroad can give you... Continue Reading →


How to Get Classes Approved

Studying abroad allows you to take classes abroad, at another university, that will transfer back as credit to ISU. To guarantee the transfer credit, every study abroad student must complete a form that shows the equivalency between ISU and the host university's courses. The hardest part about our initial application process is completing the Academic... Continue Reading →

Keep Your Study Abroad Forms Organized

Our initial application is five pages, the second set of forms is three pages, your host university/affiliate company will require many more, and we will also need a copy of your passport, so it is safe to say that there are quite a few documents that you will need to complete in order to study... Continue Reading →

Studying a New Foreign Language

Some students study abroad in a country that speaks a corresponding language to their language studies major or minor, but others may decide to go to a country that mainly speaks a foreign language they have never spoken. If you are looking to continue your language skills outside of class or learn a brand new... Continue Reading →

What To Do Before Applying to Study Abroad

We at the Study Abroad Office take applications on a rolling-basis meaning the sooner you apply, the sooner you can get accepted and can start working on your host university's application. What most students do not realize at first is that there are other things that must be completed besides the application - and these... Continue Reading →

Finding the Right Time to Study Abroad

For some of us, our major's requirements are very demanding to the point where studying abroad will not fit into our busy semester schedules, so going abroad for a summer is a better option. Others may want to further enrich their studies by taking a whole semester (or year!) abroad. One of the first decision... Continue Reading →

Things You Should Do Before Going Abroad

Once you get accepted to study abroad in a foreign country, there are a lot of things to do: buy you plane ticket, get your passport and visa (if you need one), and figuring out the currency and the money situation are just some of the many things that you'll deal with before you go.... Continue Reading →

Packing Lists and Tips

The most difficult thing about studying abroad, besides deciding where you want to go, is what you need to pack. How many shoes will you need? Will it be hot or cold? How often does it rain? The questions are endless when it comes to packing. The easiest solution behind all of this is to... Continue Reading →

When to Buy Your Flight

This graphic explains when to buy your airline tickets. It has some good points! Trying to buy a plane ticket is one of the most difficult parts about the journey, besides picking a program and actually leaving. It is not only a lot of money, but it makes your trip abroad that much more real.... Continue Reading →

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