Italian Slang and Terms to Know

The Italian romance language is prevalent almost everywhere in the world. Luckily, the vocabulary words and phrases are all fairly similar wherever you may go. Though there are some different pronunciations and functions for words depending on the country you go to. For now, I present to you some very important Italian slang and terms... Continue Reading →

ACT Spring Course List Available!

Searching for Spring 2018 courses to take abroad? Look here! The American College of Thessaloniki in Greece has announced their tentative course listings and schedule of courses for the Spring 2018 semester. Fields of study include: Accounting Art Business Communication Computer Science Ecology Economics English Finance Greek History Mathematics Marketing Nutrition Philosophy Politics Psychology Statistics... Continue Reading →

An Encouraging Experience- Kira C.

Kira C. studied abroad this past spring semester in Sevilla, Spain for over three months. She attended Universidad de Sevilla where she took classes for her language studies major. There were some struggles she faced early on, but she found ways to get around them by cherishing every moment. She hopes to inspire others, especially... Continue Reading →

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