Tragedies in Turkey and Belgium; Obama’s Historic Cuba Trip

This week, the Study Abroad Office is juggling several events and several International Terrorist scares. Our schedules have been increasingly hectic, so here are the Top Four stories that you need to know this week: Brussels Attack What You Need to Know: On Tuesday Morning, three bombs rocked the capital of Belgium. The first of... Continue Reading →


Know Before You Go: Scalia, Gravitational Waves, and the UN in Syria

Here are the Top Five News Stories that caught our eyes this week: US Supreme Court Justice Passes What You Need to Know: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away at the age of 79 on Saturday. Scalia passed away in sleep on Saturday while on a hunting trip in Texas. Being appointed in 1986... Continue Reading →

Know Before You Go: The Pope, Saying Goodbye to Yogi, and Greece…Again…

Here are the Top Five News Stories that caught our eyes this week! Greece Elections What You Need to Know: Greece held emergency elections this month following former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ stepping down. Tsipras called for elections after Greece’s third international bailout, one that Tsipras originally fought against earlier in the summer. But the... Continue Reading →

Know Before You Go: Cuban Embassy Opening, Terrorism Scare in Bangkok, and Are You Sick of the Greek Crisis Yet?

Here are the Top Five Stories that you need to know! U.S. Embassy Reopens in Cuba What You Need to Know: On Saturday, the U.S. flag was raised over the America Embassy in Havana after 54 years of closure. Secretary of State John Kerry was present to oversee the opening of the embassy. He is... Continue Reading →

Director’s Comment of the Week: Faculty-Led

This week's comment comes from Faculty-Led Director Kristi Barley. We are so happy to announced the 2016 Faculty-Led programs that have received funding from Unbounded Possibilities (UP). These projects are going all around the world and will send up to 125 students to foreign countries. The approved programs are as follows: Dr. Park-Germany (Elementary, Early,... Continue Reading →

Know Before You Go: Greece Part 4, Cuba, and Australia

Here are the top five things that caught our eyes in the news this week! 1. Greece Financial Crisis Part 4 What You Need to Know: Last week, Greek Parliament voted to accept the first of the newest bailout terms in order to begin new talks for a €86 Billion bailout. But don’t think that... Continue Reading →

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