Traveler’s Destination: Dublin, Ireland- Brittney F.

Brittney F. studied abroad during the fall semester 2016 at one of our partner universities, Maynooth University. While she was in Ireland, her favorite place to visit was Dublin. Here is what she had to say about her go-to places to visit!: Dublin is one of the most attractive, popular cities in the Republic of... Continue Reading →


Traveler’s Destination: Liverpool, England

Liverpool is located in northwest England and is a 30-minute train ride away from one of our partner universities, Edge Hill University. One of the most popular traveler's destinations in Liverpool is Albert Dock which was featured in another blog post here. But this post will be about another traveler's destination in Liverpool- the Liverpool... Continue Reading →

Traveler’s Destination: Edinburgh, Scotland- Sierra S.

Sierra S. studied abroad for four weeks during the summer of 2016 in Stirling, Scotland. She is currently a senior Psychology major with minors in Gender Studies and Counseling. During her four weeks spent in Scotland, she took advantage of the train transportation system in the UK by taking a trip to the capital of... Continue Reading →

Traveler’s Destination: Liverpool, England- Alison C.

Alison C. studied abroad during the spring semester of her sophomore year at one of our partner universities, Edge Hill University. Read about her adventures as she describes her favorite traveler's destination in Liverpool, England! Liverpool, located in northwestern England, is a city full of rich and exciting history. Liverpool is most popularly known as... Continue Reading →

Traveler’s Destination: Sevilla, Spain- Brittany V.

Brittany V. studied abroad this past spring semester at Universidad Pablo de Olavide in Sevilla, Spain. As a Spanish minor, she wanted to expand her studies in a place full of culture and identity. Sevilla is a hot spot for tourists because of its beautiful architecture, scenery, food, and more. Here is what Brittany had... Continue Reading →

Traveler’s Destination: Conwy Castle in Wales, UK

Conwy (also spelled Conway) Castle is a fun day trip to take if you are studying abroad in the UK! If you are studying abroad at Edge Hill University, this trip is typically provided by the International Office and included in your orientation programs that first week you arrive, so make sure that you reserve... Continue Reading →

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