Learning the Language: Spanish in Chile- Bethany M.

Bethany M. spent a semester in Chile where she took many Spanish courses for her Language Studies major. After five months of living and studying in South America, this is what she says about the Spanish language: Vamo a la playa, catchai? (X2) For those of you familiar with Spanish, that question doesn't seem very... Continue Reading →


Italian Slang and Terms to Know

The Italian romance language is prevalent almost everywhere in the world. Luckily, the vocabulary words and phrases are all fairly similar wherever you may go. Though there are some different pronunciations and functions for words depending on the country you go to. For now, I present to you some very important Italian slang and terms... Continue Reading →

Spanish Slang Around the World

While many countries may share the same native language, differences may still remain. For example, when studying abroad in different Spanish-speaking countries, you may realize the word "chido" that you learned in Mexico is not understood by Spaniards who say "guay" in Spain. What you are experiencing is new slang! To help students transition to... Continue Reading →

Slang Around the World

English is one the most utilized languages around the world. But just because we may speak a common language does not mean that they are exactly the same. Each of those countries speaks their own version of English that is native to that country. This may include changes in pronunciation, spelling, verb tense, and new... Continue Reading →

Learning the Language: Italian in Florence- Gabrielle C.

Gabrielle C. studied abroad during the Fall 2016 semester at one of our partner universities, Florence University of the Arts (FUA). She took many cultural perspectives courses at FUA, but also continued her studies of the Italian language. Here is what she has to say about her studies of Italian in Italy: Since Florence is... Continue Reading →

Learning the Language: Spanish in Argentina- Carly T.

After spending a summer in Costa Rica, Carly decided she wanted to study abroad for a semester in another Latin American country where she could take classes for her language studies major and experience a different type of culture. Carly ended up going a non-traditional route by choosing the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires,... Continue Reading →

Learning the Language: Spanish in Sevilla- Madison S.

To start off this new series, Madison will be explaining what it was like to learn and speak Spanish when she studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain earlier this year. The purpose of this new series is to prove that languages differ around the world and that no foreign language class will be able to cover... Continue Reading →

Studying a New Foreign Language

Some students study abroad in a country that speaks a corresponding language to their language studies major or minor, but others may decide to go to a country that mainly speaks a foreign language they have never spoken. If you are looking to continue your language skills outside of class or learn a brand new... Continue Reading →

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