Study Abroad Scholarships

There are several study abroad scholarships available to students pursuing a semester or summer abroad. Sometimes affiliate companies offer scholarships or travel vouchers, but for ISU students only, there are more scholarships are available on The Branch. After logging in and completing a general application, search “study abroad” to see all the study abroad scholarships…

Traveler’s Destination: Liverpool, England

Liverpool is located in northwest England and is a 30-minute train ride away from one of our partner universities, Edge Hill University. One of the most popular traveler’s destinations in Liverpool is Albert Dock which was featured in another blog post here. But this post will be about another traveler’s destination in Liverpool- the Liverpool…

Summer Study Abroad FAQs

A frequent question that is asked about summer study abroad programs is about program length. Are summer programs all summer? The answer is no! Programs range from 3-12 weeks with a standard program being four weeks with add-on terms available. Most summer study abroad students go abroad for 4-6 weeks with the option of adding…

Faculty-Led Informational Meeting – Department of Built Environment

Anyone interested in a Faculty-Led trip to the UK through the Built Environment Department with Dr. Payne should attend an informational meeting this Wednesday, December 14 at 5pm in TA238 (IAD Freshman Studio). The trip will occur at the end of May 2017 into June. Any payments will not be due until January and February…

Location Light-Up: Anglo American University, Czech Republic – Tanner S.

Tanner S. studied abroad this past summer in the Czech Republic. One of our more popular study abroad programs is Anglo American University’s summer and semester program in Prague. Read all about AAU’s campus below! During the Summer of 2016 I traveled to Prague in the Czech Republic, to study at the Anglo American University….

Quote of the Week

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” -C.S. Lewis

IS 490 Presentations

Save the date! Come to see and hear how these students have been affected by their international experience as well as their International Studies program here at Indiana State!

The Most Important Packing Tip

All study abroad students have many questions regarding one subject- packing! Packing a suitcase can be a roller-coaster ride (or in this case a flight) because once you zip it closed, you know that the next time it will be open will be in your host country. All the clothes you pack as well as…

Tasting Barcelona- Alexandria R.

Alexandria R. studied abroad during the summer in Spain at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona through one of our affiliate companies, ISA. Interested in studying abroad in Spain but wondering how the food will be? See how it is through her point of view by reading her post below! I always knew that when I went…

Quote of the Week

“Go fly, roam, travel, voyage, explore, journey, discover, adventure.”