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After studying abroad you are bound to have a plethora of photos, whether they are saved on your phone, strewn all over your dorm wall or appear on your Facebook timeline as nostalgic reminders. This pleasant dilemma leaves one to question what to exactly do with them. We at the Education Abroad Office have an answer!

While throwback Thursdays are great, we want your photos to inspire other students to study abroad! That is why we have organized an event in which you pick your most influential photo to display. Along with the photo, we want you to give a short description. The photo can be of anything you experienced while abroad, but it needs to capture a moment that best represents your experience. It can be when you faced a fear, discovered your newest passion, or truly immersed yourself in a culture. There will be a prize for the photo that receives the most votes!

The event will take place October 15th, 2017 from 6pm-8pm in Dede II. There will be free ice-cream and of course your photos on display! We would love for you to be there to talk about your photo and experience to other students and potentially receive more votes!

Also, we encourage you to invite any friends interested in studying abroad!

Hope to see you there!

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