Italian Slang and Terms to Know

The Italian romance language is prevalent almost everywhere in the world. Luckily, the vocabulary words and phrases are all fairly similar wherever you may go. Though there are some different pronunciations and functions for words depending on the country you go to. For now, I present to you some very important Italian slang and terms in case you are just curious or planning a trip to Italia! È una bella vita. 

-“Ciao”- Hello/goodbye

-“Che figata!”- What a cool thing!

-“Figurati!”- Don’t worry about it or it’s nothing— You can use this term in both a serious or sarcastic manner

-“Che schifo”- How disgusting— You can use this is several scenarios (about a person, place, or situation.)

-“Dai”- Come on, please oblige me, or in some circumstances it may also be used as stop it

-“Meno male!”- (Literally tanslated to “Less bad”) but used as “Thank God”

-“Magari”- I wish, let’s hope, or maybe

-“Basta”- Enough— ex. “Basta, Basta!” or “Una pizza e basta”

-“Ma, che sei grullo”- (Strictly used in Florence) stands for But how silly/stupid are you?!,  similar to are you joking? and are you crazy?

-“Grazie”-  Thank you

-“Mi scusi”- Excuse/pardon me

-“Mi dispiace”- I’m sorry 

-“Non parlo molto bene Italiano”- I don’t speak Italian very well

-“Parla inglese?”- Do you speak English?

– “Come si chiama?”- What is your name?

-“Come va”- How are you?

-“Mi può aiutare?”- Can you help me?

-“Dov’è la toilette?”- Where is the bathroom?

-“Ripeta, per favore”- Repeat, please

-“Parli piano, per favore”- Speak slowly, please

-“Prego”- You’re welcome

Hopefully this list of of phrases and slang will help you better understand the Italian language a bit! Arrivederci!



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