Traveling Adventures: England and Beyond- Jacob B.

Jacob B. studied abroad during the Fall 2016 semester at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, England. Read all about his experiences below!

From a young age I have always been obsessed with traveling. Where most people see the chaos of the airports and rushing to terminals to get to their planes, I see bliss. Studying abroad gave me this feeling the whole experience through.

My first adventure while I was in England the Edge Hill took the students to visit Conwy, Wales which is nestled just Southwest of Liverpool. The town is incredible with a castle towering above the River Conwy the experience felt something out of a J.R.R Tolkien book. We were able to explore the town for a few hours where I got to eat my first fish and chips!

Conway Castle, Wales

Trips to Liverpool are also incredibly cheap. Being able to travel to a major city for just £5 every day you can’t beat. Liverpool is a wonderful city where all the major attractions are packed closely together. It’s easy to get around and hard to get lost. If for some reason you do end up lost in Liverpool look for the gigantic radio station above the city and it will bring you back to the train station. Oh and a side note if you miss home they have Krispy Kreme donuts (Yummm).

Liverpool, England

My favorite experience was my trip to Prague, Czech Republic. Even though the process to get there was hectic, the views were incredible. Even if you’re not a fan of history there is no denying that the atmosphere is amazing. All the variety of different languages that are spoken around you and the different foods, it feels as if you’re in the World Showcase in Disney World.

Lastly, football (soccer) is a big deal in England, and if you’re like me you are a huge fan. While abroad I was able to see my favorite Football team TWICE! Once in a town called Burnley at the stadium of Turf Moore and lastly in London, in the Emirates stadium.

London is a beautiful city that’s so large is impossible to see everything in one day. I was lucky enough to go on The London Eye which is a little pricey at £34 per person but totally worth the experience.


Traveling is addicting and rewarding. Go see the world.


Jacob studied abroad during his senior year as a Social Studies Education major. Interested in a semester abroad next spring or fall? Make an appointment on our website today!


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