Deadline Extension for Selected Programs

Are you still considering studying abroad sometime this year? You still have time to apply! Here is a list of programs with approaching deadlines that can still be met for summer and fall 2017:

Partner Universities:

  • American College of Thessaloniki
  • Edge Hill University, England
  • Florence University of the Arts, Italy
  • KCP International Japanese Language School, Japan
  • Maynooth University, Ireland
  • Universidad Veritas, Costa Rica
  • University of Stirling, Scotland

Affiliate Programs:

  • CEA
  • Classport
    • All programs available, including internships, contact the Study Abroad Office for more details about extended deadlines
  • ISA
    • View extended Summer 2017 deadlines here
    • View extended Fall 2017 deadlines here
  • ISEP
    • Select programs only, check website

In order to apply for any of these programs, you will need to contact the Study Abroad Office as soon as possible in order to receive an application. Email or make an appointment to meet with a Study Abroad Advisor by visiting this link.


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