Dorm, Apartment, or Homestay?

Most study abroad programs allow you to have a choice in your housing. What are the benefits for each? Here’s the breakdown:


Dorms are great to live in abroad when you have previously lived in a dorm or at home within the past year. Most of the time you will have a meal plan included and you will have access to a kitchen which is shared with your hall or floor mates.

Dorms are ideal for those who want to be safe on campus and have access to campus resources at all times. Most dorms feature individual rooms, meaning you will not have a roommate, but may have to share the bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces. Living in a dorm abroad is a great way to meet new students, international and domestic, and learn about others’ cultures.

Of our partner universities, Edge Hill University is for those who prefer to stay in a dorm.


A flat is a term commonly used in Europe to describe a living space on one floor of a building meant to be shared with several people. In most instances, a flat or apartment arrangement does not come with a meal plan, meaning you will have to cook or go out to eat for every meal. This can really add up! Living in an apartment or flat is best for those who are confident in their cooking skills, get along with others, and are comfortable buying groceries in a foreign country (and possibly a foreign language). Remember that you may have a roommate sharing a bedroom with you, but you also could have six other housemates!

If you are up for the challenge, then maybe living in an apartment or flat is the best option for you!

Of our partner universities, Florence University of the Arts and Stirling University are perfect for those who prefer to stay in an apartment or flat.


Homestays are when you live with a host family in their home. Families can be very diverse with a number of kids as well as pets. Many times there may be another study abroad student in the house as well. Bedrooms are normally private and students may share a bathroom. Kitchen, dining, and living areas are usually shared by the students and family. Most often, breakfast and dinner are traditional dishes provided by the host family, and the student is required to purchase or prepare their own lunch.

Homestays are ideal for students who want an immersive language and culture experience. Most often, this living arrangement is best for students who want to develop strong foreign language and communication skills.

Of our partner universities, Universidad Veritas is our most popular option with the homestay experience.

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