Extended Summer Deadline!

Although our application deadline for all summer programs is always March 1st, we have extended deadlines for certain programs to March 31st! Look through the programs below to find out if a program you are interested in will take a late application.

Partner Universities:

  • Edge Hill University, England
  • University of Stirling, Scotland
  • Maynooth University, Ireland
  • Florence University of the Arts, Italy
  • American College of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Universidad Veritas, Costa Rica
  • KCP International Japanese Language School, Japan (Summer Short-term only), deadline is March 27

Affiliate Programs:

  • Classport (Ireland, Belize, or Ecuador)
  • CEA (excludes internships)
  • ISA (select programs)

Contact our office right away if you are interested in any of these programs and have not received an application!

Remember that the deadline of March 31st is when your ISU Study Abroad Application is due. You will have to complete another application for the program/university of your choice and that application deadline may come up very quickly the longer you wait! We suggest that you turn in any completed forms of your ISU Study Abroad application as soon as possible. The more forms you turn in before the deadline, the faster you will get approved!


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