Meet the Student Workers

This semester our student workers will be hard at work leading student meetings, processing study abroad applications, updating our social media pages, entering data, checking emails, answering phone calls, giving presentations, and updating this blog. (You could say we are definitely more than Student Office Assistants!) You will encounter them as you continue your study abroad journey, so why not get to know them more?

Spring 2017 Study Abroad/Faculty-Led Student Workers:

  1. Holly D.
    • Holly studied abroad during the Fall 2015 semester in England! Since then, she has worked for the Study Abroad Office for over a year. As a Junior Social Studies Education major and International Studies minor, she is excited to continue this position in the international education field this semester. Her favorite moment as a Study Abroad Student Worker was organizing and leading the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 Study Abroad Fairs. She was the only student worker last semester and is excited to have some extra help!


  1. Katelyn E.
    • Katelyn studied abroad during the Spring 2016 semester in Italy! She has been working in the Study Abroad Office for about three months now. She is a Healthcare Administration Major with a Business Administration minor, looking forward to putting her business skills to work.


  1. Shelby F.
    • Shelby studied abroad during the summer of 2016 in Costa Rica at Universidad Veritas! She is an Elementary Education major with minors in Spanish Language Studies and Reading. As our very first Faculty-Led Student Worker she mainly deals with Faculty-Led duties, but she also advises study abroad students. She loves advising and helping students find their “place” in the world!



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