Internships Abroad

Did you know that you can intern abroad? A couple of our partner universities and a few affiliate companies including CEA, Classport, and ISA partner with businesses and organizations abroad that allow you to receive internship credit hours. Internships for all majors are offered for both semester and summer terms.

Interning abroad can give you many skills that employers are looking for in this globalized world. In order to secure an internship abroad, there will be many steps. Placements are more likely to be guaranteed the earlier you apply.

Below are four different examples of internships that you can find abroad:

  1. CEA Summer Internship in Prague, Czech Replublic
    • 24 internship seminar hours and 160 internship placement hours equaling to 3 credit hours
    • Many placement fields offered, but most common are business related
    • Option of adding a 3-credit course for a total of 6 credits over the summer
    • Partnered with Anglo-American University, Prague
    • Apartment living with other CEA students
  2. Universidad Veritas Internship in San Jose, Costa Rica
    • Typically 240 placement hours
    • 8, 12, or 16 week internships offered during the summer and semester
    • Internships offered in the fields of International Relations, Business, Education, ESL, Social Work, and Marine Biology
    • For all of of the internships at Veritas (besides the Marine Biology one), students must possess an advanced level of Spanish
    • Live with a host family and other students attending Universidad Veritas, breakfast and dinners provided
  3. Classport Summer Internship in Dublin, Ireland
    • Be placed with an Irish based organization based on your academic area
    • Option of adding a 3-credit course, “Screening Ireland” or “Transatlantic Currents”
    • Excursions included
    • Live with a host family in Dublin, breakfast and dinners provided
  4. ISA Internships
    • Be matched with a program that matches your goals and interests
    • Summer and semester options
    • Locations all over the world including Australia, China, England, South Korea, and more

Gain skills for your future career by interning abroad! The biggest thing to remember is to apply early as possible to the program of your choice. Just note that you will first have to apply and be approved through our office before applying to your chosen program!

Prefer to have a paid internship at home, but still want to serve in a foreign country? Think about doing service learning or mission work abroad! Make an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor to learn more.


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