Keep Your Study Abroad Forms Organized

Our initial application is five pages, the second set of forms is three pages, your host university/affiliate company will require many more, and we will also need a copy of your passport, so it is safe to say that there are quite a few documents that you will need to complete in order to study abroad! Our application cannot be completed in a day (well, for most students at least), so you may need to hang on to it until it’s complete. Until then, it may be a good idea to stay organized and keep all of your documents together in one place.

By having a designated study abroad folder or binder, you can keep all of the important application forms together. After all, you don’t want to loose your passport before you even leave the country.


This system really works out because you will need to make copies of your completed forms. Here are the forms that will be necessary to make at least one copy of:

  • At least four copies of your passport- one for our office, one to leave at home, and two to take with you
    • One copy should be on you at all times and another should be kept in your dorm/room while abroad.
    • Do not carry your passport everywhere with you while abroad. You should only need it when traveling in and out of your host country, so don’t risk losing it.
  • Academic Planning Form
    • You will need your APF to know which classes you should be getting credit.
    • Once you receive credit for your classes, make sure that everything is correct. If not, you can use your APF as proof that you should have received credit for a certain class.
  • Host university acceptance letter
    • This is crucial when exiting and reentering your host country. You will need this document for the customs officer to prove that you are studying abroad at your host university.
  • Visa (if you need one)
    • A Visa is a document often stamped into your passport that allows you to stay in your host country for a certain amount of time. Make a copy of the forms you received from the consulate and/or the stamp in your passport. If you lose your passport, you will have proof of your Visa and it will be easier to get another one.
  • Any other certification/liability waiver forms for your reference
    • Review what you signed and certified.

Remember to organize all your study abroad papers to ensure that you do not lose anything. Keeping a folder or binder of your forms easily allows you to tote it around with you from your room, to the Study Abroad Office, to home, to abroad, and back home!


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