Summer Study Abroad FAQs

A frequent question that is asked about summer study abroad programs is about program length. Are summer programs all summer? The answer is no! Programs range from 3-12 weeks with a standard program being four weeks with add-on terms available. Most summer study abroad students go abroad for 4-6 weeks with the option of adding terms or courses to earn more credits. Read more FAQs below:

What are the “blocks”?

Summer study abroad programs allow more customization and flexibility than semester programs because of the “block system”. The block system is a term used for many universities terms that are splits into different sessions. Block 1 may be 4 weeks in June and Block 2 may be 4 weeks in July. You could enroll in Block 1, Block 2, or both. Different classes would be taken in each session. A host university may have up to four blocks during the summer!

How many classes would I take?

Most students receive 3-6 credits (1-2 courses) for 3-6 week programs. Longer programs can offer more courses and credit. Every program and course is different.

Does financial aid apply to summer programs?

Summer financial aid is only applied if there is leftover aid from the semesters. Contact the financial aid office to figure out how much financial aid you receive or if you could apply for loans. There’s only one catch- financial aid for the summer can only be dispersed if you take 6 or more credits.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes, all ISU study abroad scholarships can be found on The Branch. Other scholarships are sometimes available through our affiliate programs’ websites.

Are there internships available?

Yes! Many internships are offered over the summer. Unfortunately, none of them are paid.

Can I catch up or get ahead on my classes/degree?

Yes, summer programs are perfect for high-credit, demanding majors. Often summer study abroad students are able to earn just enough credits to move to the next level (ie. Sophomore 1–> Sophomore 2).

What are some popular summer destinations?

Costa Rica, Greece, Italy, and Scotland are all popular choices for the summer (as well as semester). Up-and-coming popular summer destinations are the Czech Republic and Ireland.

When is my application due?

After receiving an application from our office, you will need to complete the basic forms along with 2 faculty reference forms and the APF. The deadline is March 1st, but make sure that your program/host university’s deadline is not sooner than that!

How long will a meeting with a Study Abroad Advisor last?

If you do your research and have an idea of a program choice, a meeting with a SA Advisor could last less than 15 minutes. Without proper research, a meeting could last up to 30 minutes. Our advisors will work together to find the perfect program for you. Book an appointment on our website.

Can I begin to apply to my host university/affiliate now?

As long as you have been accepted through our program and received your acceptance email, you can apply through your host university or affiliate company’s website. Your acceptance through our office MUST come before beginning the next application process.

Have a question that is not on this list? Email with any other questions you have or stop by our office in Gillum Hall, Room 240.


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