Location Light-Up: Anglo American University, Czech Republic – Tanner S.

Tanner S. studied abroad this past summer in the Czech Republic. One of our more popular study abroad programs is Anglo American University’s summer and semester program in Prague. Read all about AAU’s campus below!

During the Summer of 2016 I traveled to Prague in the Czech Republic, to study at the Anglo American University. Located in the heart of Prague, walking distance from the famous Charles Bridge and Old Town Square, the university was a seemingly quiet oasis in a historic metropolitan jungle. There, I took several classes while also living in the city, and traveling across Europe.


To give you a background on AAU, it is the oldest private university in Prague (private universities are kind of a “new” thing in the Czech Republic). The building itself used to be a castle, and sits on the edge of a large, enclosed garden full of peacocks, ponds, and people enjoying the Bohemian summer. The professors and students represent a wide range of nationalities and cultures, it truly is an international university. Most of the classes are in English, and all of the faculty, staff, and majority of the students speak it as well. Downstairs there is a café that serves delicious pastries and sandwiches (vegan options too) as well as local Czech beer, which is a pretty big part of their culture.


Campus library

While the classes I took were within the business department, the university also offers a wide range of programs including local history and hospitality. I enrolled in International Marketing and Customer Experience Management. In my marketing course, the professor was Serbian by birth, and there were students from Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia (the country), Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Czech Republic and the US. It was an incredible experience to discuss international marketing with students representing a huge array of cultures. In Customer Experience Management, we were tasked with consulting for a Czech energy start-up. Basically we met with the client, and worked on multi-national project teams to create a plan that would ultimately help our client’s business. It was great real-world experience, and an awesome learning opportunity working with business students from around the world.

In short, AAU is very much like ISU in that they try to get you involved in the real-world as much as possible. However, AAU happens to be located in the heart of one of the oldest and most historic cities in all of Europe. After your first day of classes, be sure to walk over to Charles Bridge and treat yourself to some famous Czech street food.

Tanner studied abroad for about two months in the summer of 2016 to take business courses. Internships in Prague are also available. Besides AAU, there are a few other universities located in Prague where you could study abroad. Interested in AAU or Prague in general? Book an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor on our website to go over your options!

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