Tasting Barcelona- Alexandria R.

Alexandria R. studied abroad during the summer in Spain at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona through one of our affiliate companies, ISA. Interested in studying abroad in Spain but wondering how the food will be? See how it is through her point of view by reading her post below!

I always knew that when I went to college I would study abroad, it was an experience I never wanted to miss out on. My two choices were to go to Italy or Spain. After much deliberation I decided on Barcelona, Spain. One aspect I was skeptical about was what kind of food they ate and if I would like it. After all, I am a picky eater.


I chose to stay with a family; they provided me with my breakfast and dinner every day. On the day of my arrival my house mom asked what my roommate and I typically ate for breakfast and our likes and dislikes with certain foods. This made me worry so much less because I was able to tell her foods I did not like so she made sure not to make them. If you are also staying with a family be sure to be honest with what you like to eat! They are there to help you and make you comfortable, most families have a lot of experience in housing students and want to make sure your trip is as enjoyable as possible.


Spain as well as much of Europe is so culturally different than what we are used to. For instance, in most of Europe they do not eat big breakfasts like we are accustomed to here. Most mornings I would wake up for class and have cereal and fruit or some toast. They do not make eggs for breakfast at all. Another huge difference is that in Barcelona dinner is not served until about 9 or later. Many families do not eat dinner until about 11 but my house mom served dinner at 9. It is typical to see eggs served as a dinner course as well as ham and sausage.


Tapas are a popular dish throughout Spain. Tapas are basically appetizers and usually if you go out to eat with a bunch of people you order several tapas and share them all. Some of my favorite tapas to eat while I was abroad were tortilla de patatas, chorizo, croquettes, and patatas bravas. Tortilla de patatas is sort of an omelet with potatoes in it, chorizo is a type of meat, and patatas bravas is similar to fries and ketchup.

My absolute favorite part of Barcelona was the numerous amounts of bakeries on every street. I do not think a day went by where I did not eat a chocolate croissant.


Even though I am a picky eater, the food in Barcelona was absolutely amazing and I had no trouble finding many foods I loved to eat.

Alexandria studied in Barcelona during the “Summer II” term from June to July. There are nine Spanish cities to study abroad in through ISA, so what not schedule an appointment with an ISU Study Abroad Advisor to help you decide on one? All of the programs vary in length, courses, housing, cost, and host university. Make an appointment at the Study Abroad Office by clicking the link here.



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