ISEP Exchange

Think all study abroad tuition rates have to be super expensive? Think again! One of our affiliate companies, ISEP, offers a program where you would pay ISU’s tuition and a standard housing price instead of your host university’s fees. ISEP Exchange programs allow you to swap places with a student from another ISEP Exchange affiliated university from around the world. This student would choose a university in the US and you would choose a university in their home country while paying ISU’s tuition! By studying abroad through ISEP Exchange, you create a “space” for an incoming student. In short, you pay for a student to study abroad at ISU while another student pays for you to go to their home university.

Programs can be found in 56 countries around the world, so searching for the right one can be tricky. Be sure to check if the university is considered ISEP Exchange or Direct. (Direct is when you pay the host university’s tuition and fees.) Use this interactive map on their website to narrow down your choices!

Financial aid and scholarships apply, so why not make an appointment by using the scheduler on our website to receive an ISU Study Abroad application? Summer and fall applications are due in March so now is the time to get started in order to secure your spot!


For more information about ISEP Exchange, visit this link.



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