Fall Semester FUA Courses Available

The fall semester courses at Florence University of the Arts are now available! If you are interested in studying abroad at FUA next fall, you can now start working on your Academic Planning Form and pre-approve your course choices.

The Fall 2017 courses are available online and can be viewed here. By using the pull-down menu on the page, you can select which Fall 2017 session schedule you wish to consult. Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 dates may be found here.
Fall 2017 courses are from the newly published FUA Academic Catalog which can be viewed here.

There are seven new courses beginning in the fall including:

3-Credit Semester Courses
• Lifetime Nutrition, Wellness, and Physical Activity (Dietetics and Nutrition)
• Wanderlust: The Physical and Emotional Art of Walking  (Anthropology)
• The Art of Yoga and Meditation
• Love Letters of Great Men and Women (Multicultural Diversity and Gender Studies)
• On Love: Fragments of Italy (Italian Cultural Studies)
• Neapolitan Novels: Elena Ferrante’s Southern Italy (Italian Literature)
4-Credit Semester Course
• Neapolitan Novels: Elena Ferrante’s Southern Italy (Italian Literature)

Although FUA is considered an art school, there are several other course offerings available to fit most majors. Other courses include history, anthropology, architecture, criminology, music, performing arts, political science, psychology, science, business, communications, digital imaging, fashion and merchandising, food studies, and Italian studies.

Interested in FUA and haven’t received a study abroad application yet? Book an appointment on our website!



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