Meet the Summer Student Worker

Hi everyone! My name is Holly and I am a student worker here at the Study Abroad Office. I first started working at the Study Abroad Office in January 2016 after returning from my fall 2015 study abroad program. I was the only student worker here for the summer and I will be back just in time for the fall semester. For the last couple months I’ve worked on this blog as well as our other social media pages. I also worked at the New Student Orientations here on campus giving study abroad presentations on top of my usual office duties. Since I’ll be around for the next semester, I thought that I would introduce myself because I will most likely be the one you will talk to or even be your study abroad advisor!


I am a Junior Social Studies Education major with an International Studies minor and I’m a part of the Honors Program. During the first semester of my sophomore year I studied abroad at one of our partner universities, Edge Hill University, in England. I believe it was the best and most rewarding experience that I have ever had! My goal is to inspire others to go on this type of adventure and help them along the way. And that is exactly what I’m able to do at work each day!


My favorite part about my job at the Study Abroad Office is definitely advising potential study abroad students (although checking out new pins on our expansive Pinterest page is fun too!). I get to share my study abroad stories everyday! I’m learning more and more about our 360+ study abroad programs and the 60 countries where you can find them, so I can surely help you find the perfect program.

Another fun aspect of my job is getting to write for this blog. Ever since the beginning of this summer I’ve been writing all the main blog posts and then of course featuring previous study abroad students. I think our Helpful Information category is the most beneficial because I have heard all the FAQ’s that study abroad students have. Be sure to check that out! I’ll eventually be writing my own posts for our categories like Traveler’s Destinations, Location Light-Up, and Food Around the World as well as featuring previous study abroad students. You should keep a lookout for all our future posts on this blog and then keep up with me at the Study Abroad Office this fall!

Cheers and Ciao,




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