Traveler’s Destination: Liverpool, England- Alison C.

Alison C. studied abroad during the spring semester of her sophomore year at one of our partner universities, Edge Hill University. Read about her adventures as she describes her favorite traveler’s destination in Liverpool, England!

Liverpool, located in northwestern England, is a city full of rich and exciting history. Liverpool is most popularly known as the birthplace of The Beatles and with so many things to see and do in this beautiful town, it’s an important stop to add to any traveler’s list when in England.

Albert Dock is a must visit and should be at the top of your list when going to this town. This waterfront location is located along the River Mersey and offers a unique glimpse into the history of Liverpool. Albert Dock has a history that dates back to 1839 when plans to build the original dock were submitted. The dock officially opened in 1846. After a long history of cargo ships and warehouses, the dock was closed in 1972 and plans for renovation were approved in 1982. After renovation, the dock was reopened in 1984. The history of Albert Dock is still very much alive due to the old buildings that are still open for people to tour. Since its reopening it is has become home to multiple museums and hotspots for locals and tourists alike.

Albert Dock 2

The Merseyside Maritime Museum, Tate Liverpool, and The Beatles Story are a few of the major attractions that Albert Dock offers. The Merseyside Maritime Museum is an attraction that offers a fun and interactive looks into Liverpool’s ship cargo past. This museum also has an exhibit that offers impressive look into the Titanic and how it’s connected to Liverpool. The Tate Liverpool is the perfect location for anyone who appreciates or is interested in art and is the most popular gallery of modern and contemporary art outside of London. This gallery has multiple floors and has different events going on weekly to give you the best experience. My favorite attraction I visited was The Beatles story. The Beatles Story is a fun attraction for a tourist even if you aren’t a Beatles fanatic. This attraction takes you through the journey of their rise to fame and when they conquered the music scene across the globe. With special exhibits and tons of merchandise on display, this attraction gives you a fun look into the band members lives before, during, and after The Beatles.


Albert Dock is also home to many great places to eat, candy stores, tourist shops and a unique coffee shop called Ziferblat. This coffee shop offers everything free to its customers including cakes, coffee, fruits, juices, and WiFi. The only thing they charge for is the time you spend in there. The coffee shop charges 8 pence per minute which is equal to about 10 cents. This coffee shop is a can’t miss in the area. My favorite restaurant on Albert Dock was Revolution. A combination of live music, great atmosphere, and an even better location make this place a great option for a dinner out with friends.

Albert Dock 1

Albert Dock isn’t exactly a secret location when you come to Liverpool but once you visit, it’s easy to understand why people come back time and time again!


Liverpool is about a 30 minute train ride from Ormskirk, England (where Edge Hill University is located) making it a perfect trip for EHU students. Liverpool can also be reached from Scotland by train or Ireland by plane (quite cheap flight by the way!), so don’t forget to add Liverpool to your list!

Alison studied abroad at Edge Hill University for four months during the spring semester. EHU’s fall and spring semester programs are a popular choice for ISU students as we have several students study there each year. Want to go next? Make an appointment with a study abroad advisor today by visiting our website! Applications to study abroad during the spring semester are due October 1st.


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