Using Your Resources- Pinterest

We supply you with so many resources before, during, and after you study abroad, so why not make them fun along the way? Beyond our budget sheets, program comparison worksheets, and even this blog, one of the most important resources you should be using is our Pinterest page! With over 3,800 pins (over 4,200 as of 1/2017), our Pinterest page has continued to grow each month. New pins are added weekly, so check it out!

Currently there are over 70 boards. Most of them are different “country” boards with everything one would need to know about their host country. For example, our “Italy” board includes pins of posts, articles, and photos from several regions and cities in Italy. You can learn about the food, culture, climate, popular destinations, and more. There are also packing lists particular to Italy’s climate and the like!

Pinterest preview.png

An excellent board to begin looking through is the “Studying Abroad 101” board. There you can find preparation tips, what to expect, and even a guide for how to convince your parents to let you study abroad! This board includes many basics of studying abroad that are very essential to all study abroad students. You can learn more about studying abroad in general and even find out why students study abroad. Check out this informative graphic:

Informative guide.jpg

Most students find it helpful to research more than one host country before making their final decision by viewing each country’s board. Just seeing the gorgeous photos, local getaways, amazing views, and tasty food can easily inspire anyone to travel. By comparing the multiple countries, it can may become clear which host country is right for you.

London vs. Paris

Once you decide on a host country, make sure you go back to the right board and continue your research. Maybe think about an itinerary for a day trip, make a bucket-list, look at the packing lists, make a list of foods you want to try, or download the best travel app to stay connected with friends!

Once abroad, you can continue using our Pinterest page as you adjust to the new culture or even plan a day trip to a different region or country! The possibilities are endless. Heading to London soon? Why not check out pins featuring things the locals would do! Costa Rica? Find out why it has the most biodiversity in the world!

Just when you think this journey would come to an end, you can still use our Pinterest page as a useful resource when you come home. Check out our “What To Do When You Come Home” board to learn how you can make creative conversation pieces that showcase your new photos.

No matter what stage of studying abroad you are currently in whether you are a prospective student, applicant, student abroad, or alumni, all of our social media pages can benefit you. Give us a follow!



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