Application Deadlines for Study Abroad Programs in Spain

Similar to our previous post about Application Deadlines for Study Abroad Programs in Asia, this blog post will discuss the deadline for spring study abroad programs in Spain which is also quickly approaching. Many students with a Spanish language studies major or minor decide that Spain is the right study abroad location for them. Between the culture, language, food, architecture, climate, and more, we typically have a large number of students that go to Spain each year. Although we do not have a partner university in Spain, there are several affiliate companies that can take you there.

Our study abroad applications for any Spain program are due September 15th because the affiliate company applications are often due about the same time as our normal October deadline. Be sure to check your program’s application deadline so you have enough time to complete both applications!

We currently have three affiliate companies that have semester and summer programs in Spain: CEA, ISA, and ISEP.

  • CEA has five different study abroad locations including Alicante, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, and Sevilla. Each location has different types of courses, but they all seem to have the same application deadline in the middle of October.
  • ISA has many locations including Barcelona, Bilbao, Granada, Madrid, Malaga, Salamanca, Santander, Sevilla, and Valencia. There are a total of 15 different universities where one can study and all of their applications are due October 1st.
  • ISEP has nine different universities in a variety of Spanish cities. Although some do not list an exact due date yet, others are very early in September. Be sure to research the due dates so you can get accepted!

If you are interested in studying abroad in Spain, please complete this checklist:


Obviously you should look into your options and consider a few locations that interest you. Want to live a a bustling city, close to the water, or more in the countryside? Once you choose a specific city you may have to decide between different host universities as well. Between all of the affiliates there may be several in each city! Go to our website under the Destinations tab to get started.

If you think Spain is not for you, look into our other Spanish speaking programs in countries like Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and more!

-Look at the deadlines for each program’s application

Take note that you will have to complete our application and get accepted before we will give you access to your host university’s application. Consider the time all of that will take and plan accordingly.

-Make an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor

The next step is to discuss your plans with a Study Abroad Advisor. You can make an appointment on our website. Remember that we are open this summer from 8am-4:30pm. Be sure to remind your Study Abroad Advisor of any early deadlines.

-Decide on a location and host university

There are many Spanish-speaking countries and cities to choose from but we can help you decide based on your preferences. An easy way to see all of your options is to fill out a program comparison worksheet which you can receive from your Study Abroad Advisor. On a tight budget? Be sure to fill out our affiliate budget estimator on our website and maybe consider other Spanish-speaking locations.

-Complete the ISU Study Abroad Office Application

At the end of your meeting with a Study Abroad Advisor, you will receive our application that you can start completing. Once you turn it in and get accepted, you can start your host university’s application!


We are now handing out and accepting applications for ANY spring 2017 semester program, so be sure to make an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor soon if you want to be in Spain in less than a year!


Sevilla 1
Check out a previous Traveler’s Destinations post about Sevilla, Spain here!

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