Application Deadlines for Study Abroad Programs in Asia

We are now handing out and accepting applications for any spring study abroad programs which means that the October 1st deadline (or September 15th for Spain programs) is going to be coming up soon. The earlier you turn in an application, the earlier you will get accepted and be allowed to work on your host university’s application. As our deadlines occur towards the middle of the fall semester, you should take note of the university you are wanting to apply to and see if their deadline comes before ours!

One of the most common early deadlines is for programs in Spain that occur during our spring semester (this deadline is bumped up to September 15th for this reason). But another deadline warning is for programs in Asia. The academic semesters in Asia are, more often than not, different than our semesters. Make sure you note the date for their study abroad application so you can get accepted through us first!

We do have one partner program in Japan with a very early deadline in August (for their extended program only) so if you are interested in KCP International at all, then come see us right away!

Tokyo Tower

If a fully-immersive Japanese program isn’t for you, then make sure you check out two of our affiliate programs, ISA and ISEP.

  • ISA offers several programs throughout Asia including universities in China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, and India. Most of their deadlines are very close to ours, so there shouldn’t be a huge problem, but watch out for dates because their spring semester might not start until April!
  • ISEP also has several Asian programs including universities in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, and more. Their deadlines may be earlier than ours in September or even August. The chance of getting into their ISEP-Exchange program is also much better the earlier you apply.


If you are remotely interested in studying abroad to an Asian country, please complete this checklist:


Obviously you should look into a few options and consider a certain country (or two) that interests you. Go to our website under the Destinations tab to get started.

-Look at the deadlines for each program’s application

Take note that you will have to complete our application and get accepted before we will give you access to your host university’s application. Consider the time all of that will take and plan accordingly.

-Make an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor

The next step is to discuss your plans with a Study Abroad Advisor. You can make an appointment on our website. Remember that we are open this summer from 8am-4:30pm. Be sure to remind your Study Abroad Advisor of any early deadlines.

-Complete the ISU Study Abroad Office Application

At the end of your meeting with a Study Abroad Advisor, you will receive our application that you can start working on. Once you turn it in and are accepted, then you can start your host university’s application!


Not interested in an Asian program? Remember that we are handing out and accepting applications for ALL spring 2017 study abroad programs right now so don’t miss your chance to go on an adventure of a lifetime! Our common deadline is due October 1st, but be sure to check your host university’s deadlines first.


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