Traveler’s Destination: Conwy Castle in Wales, UK

Conwy (also spelled Conway) Castle is a fun day trip to take if you are studying abroad in the UK! If you are studying abroad at Edge Hill University, this trip is typically provided by the International Office and included in your orientation programs that first week you arrive, so make sure that you reserve your spot. Even if you are studying abroad in Scotland or Ireland, this would still be a good town to visit!

Conway Castle-Wales

Conwy is a small town in northern Wales located inside of the Conwy Castle walls! The main castle structure overlooks the town on one side and water on the other. But the castle wall is what surrounds the town and is definitely small enough to walk around. Some parts of the wall are accessible to walk along and allow great views of the castle and quaint town!

Conwy is also known for its ice cream shops and fish and chip restaurants so be sure to visit those! Overall, Conwy is a great location in Wales to visit especially if you are wanting to visit every part of the United Kingdom.

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