Super Tuesday, the “Jungle”, and A Year in Space

During a relatively quiet news week, here are the Top Four News Stories that caught our eyes this week :

  1. Super Tuesday Elections
    Demo Super Tuesday Results
    Democratic Results from Super Tuesday primaries (Image Courtesy of the BBC)
    • What You Need to Know: “Super Tuesday” saw the main front runners of the Presidential elections go head to head in 11 different states across the nation. Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump each won the most states for each side, with eight and seven states respectively. Second place winners were Democrat Bernie Sanders with four states and Republican Ted Cruz with three. The third Republican front runner, Marco Rubio, won one state. With Super Tuesday complete, the parties have given out a quarter of Republican Delegates and a fifth of Democratic delegates. For more information on this story, visit
    • Why You Need to Know This: One of the biggest primary days in the United States has come and gone, cementing in what we already knew: Trump has gone from joke candidate to legitimate front runner in the Republican race, while there is still a battle raging on between Clinton and Sanders. Sanders shows no sign of slowing down after Clinton won a majority of Conservative states on Tuesday. The next round of primary voting comes this Saturday in Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, and Nebraska.

      Repub Super Tuesday Election Results
      Republican Results from Super Tuesday primaries (Image Courtesy of the BBC)
    • Office Top Tip: Keep getting out there to vote. I know that it seems like we talk about this every week, but this is going to be shaping American politics for the next four years, so it is important to talk about it.
  2. Academy Awards 2016
    Spotlight Best Picture
    Winners on stage at the end of the Oscar ceremony (Image Courtesy of the BBC)
    • What You Need to Know: The Academy Awards, more commonly known as the Oscars, took place on Sunday. As the most highly regarded awards show, there is always a buzz of anticipation for the show. Sunday was no different; however, most of the buzz seemed to surround six-time nominee Leonardo DiCaprio, who is famous for never winning a little gold statue. That all changed on Sunday, as DiCaprio walked away with the Best Actor award. He and Best Actress winner, Brie Larson, have swept the awards in their respective categories. Mad Max: Fury Road surprised everyone by winning six awards and Spotlight won the Best Picture Award. One of the biggest issues surrounding the Oscars Ceremony this year is that there was absolutely no diversity in the Best Acting or Supporting Acting categories: all were white. Host Chris Rock wasted no time addressing the fact and that many African American actors had boycotted the ceremony using the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite. Rock’s monologues and performance on Sunday has earned him wide acclaim and some are even saying that it was the best hosting job over the past few years. For more information on this story, visit
    • Why You Need to Know This: This is the most talked about awards show in recent years, due to the #OscarsSoWhite issues. With many prominent actors boycotting the show, such as Spike Lee and Will and Jada Smith, there has been a lot of concern and controversy surrounding the awards show. Rock did a tremendous job addressing the issue, despite a major blunder with one joke.

      Chris Rock Hosting
      Chris Rock hosting the 88th Oscars (Image Courtesy of the BBC)
    • Office Top Tip: These are the movies that people will be talking about over the next few months. If you haven’t gotten a chance to see them, be sure to rent them as they are coming out on DVD.
  3. Calais “Jungle” Clearance
    Calais Jungle
    Calais “Jungle” layout. Demolition is occurring on the Southern section of the camp. (Image Courtesy of the BBC)
    • What You Need to Know: Immigrants have been flocking to Europe to escape the atrocities in Syria and Iraq. This means that many European countries have been struggling to deal with the influx of immigrants. One of the countries, France, has been particularly hard hit. In the port of Calais, between 3,000 to 6,000 refugees are housed. The numbers differ between Calais officials and Help Refugees. Officials decided to dismantle several of the tents and shelters in the Southern portion of the camp due to terrible conditions there. On Monday, during the first day of the demolition, there were violent clashes with local law enforcement. On Tuesday, however, there was little resistance. This demolition means the 1000 to 3500 individuals living in the southern part of the camp will be evicted and moved elsewhere. The government in Calais created shipping containers into shelters, but those will only house 1500 people. The other options are for individuals to move elsewhere in France or to claim asylum in France itself. For more information on this story, visit
    • Why You Need to Know This: The migrant crisis is starting to come to a boil. Along with the conflict in Calais, there was a clash at the Macedonia-Greece border where police used tear gas to drive migrants back after they broke down a section of the fence. With tensions rising across Europe, there is no firm plan set in place to deal with the massive influx of individuals that are coming through every day.

      Containers in Calais
      Containers where the migrants living in the South section of the “Jungle” are expected to move (Image Courtesy of the BBC)
    • Office Top Tip: If you are planning to be in Europe over the next year or so, expect things to be difficult and tense in regions where the migrant crisis rages on.
  4. Year in Space Astronaut Returns Home
    Scott Kelly (r) and Mark Kelly
    Astronaut Scott Kelly (R) who has spent the year in space. He will be compared to his twin brother, retired astronaut Mark Kelly (L), in a NASA experiment about what a year in space does to the human body. (Image Courtesy of the BBC)
    • What You Need to Know: Astronaut Scott Kelly is returning to Earth after spending about a year in Space. The reasons for this trip is so that he can be compared to his identical twin brother, Mark Kelly, who has spent the year on the ground. NASA is using this experiment to see how a year in space affects the body, mostly due to weightlessness. This research will do a lot for Mars research, since it will take a year to travel to the Red Planet. He has been in space since March 2015 and during that time has been documenting his time via Social Media. He has gained international fame for his spectacular pictures of Earth. For more information on this story, visit
    • Why You Need to Know This: Kelly’s 340 days in space, joined by Russian Mikhail Kornienko for the duration of that time, is still very short of the record in space (437 days by Russian Valery Polyakov in the 1990s). This experiment has provided the world with some amazing photos of the world and of different sections of it that are not often seen. At the same time, there is something bigger at work here with NASA’s experiment. Seeing how the body deals with a year in space will help NASA train future astronauts that are going to Mars to set up a colony there.

      One of Kelly's Pictures
      One of Kelly’s Instagram pictures that made him famous around the world (Image Courtesy of the BBC)
    • Office Top Tip: Check out Scott Kelly’s Instagram page. The pictures, like the one above, are amazing and inspiring. Maybe you could be the next Scott Kelly!

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