Guest Speaker at Stalker Hall 108, 3-350 TODAY

Today, ISU is happy to have ISU alumnus, Dr. Greg Moreland, on campus. He will be speaking about his experiences learning Spanish and studying abroad. If you are interested in hearing about studying abroad and learning a foreign language from someone who has been there, please attend the session today from 3:00-3:50 in Stalker Hall, 108.

Here is a quick bio on Dr. Greg Moreland:


Dr. Greg Moreland is an alumnus of the Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics Department and is currently a Senior Lecturer of Spanish at the University of Florida. He teaches many different Spanish courses and is involved in study abroad programs. Like many ISU students, Greg grew up in Indiana and while studying here he discovered a whole new path. Come hear Greg’s story of how his experiences of learning Spanish and studying in a foreign country helped shape his career and his life.

For more information, please click this link: Alumnus Guest Speaker

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