New Year’s Eve Around the World

It’s New Year’s Eve and while countries around the world prepare to celebrate, or already have celebrated, the new year, we are anxiously awaiting midnight here at ISU. As we count down, here are some awesome articles about New Years Eve around the world!!

China’s Temple of Heaven celebration

This article talks about many traditions that are common on New Years Eve around the world. From gift giving, to noise, to certain types of food, this article is a great way to learn about different cultures.

Sydney, Australia’s New Years Eve celebration

Moving from different countries’ celebrations, cultural traditions differ from America traditions to Eastern Orthodox cultures that hold their religious new year on January 14th. The article talks about many different kinds of New Years and how each are celebrated around the world.

Fireworks over the Colosseum.

Curious as to how the world welcomed in 2015? Check out these awesome pictures from CNN to see what is to come!

Times Square
Times Square in NYC

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