Special Report: Weekend of Mourning

Pray for the World

Since Thursday, it seems like the world has been hit with one disaster after another. We at the Study Abroad Office want to keep you informed so that you can remain safe. Here is what happened:

  • Thursday night, Beirut was rocked by suicide bombs. Islamic State (IS) has claimed responsibility in the deadliest bombings in Beirut since Lebanon’s civil war in 1990. At least 41 people have died; more than 200 wounded. Two bombers detonated their devices in the busy market streets, while a third bomber failed and was found at the scene.
  • Early Friday, Japan was struck by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake off of the coast. Immediate fears were that there would be a tsunami that would hit the country, much like in 2011. The tsunami was small and no causalities or injuries were reported.
  • Friday night, Paris erupted in a hail of terrorist attacks that stunned the world. Suicide bombings took place outside of Stade de France, a local sports arena, and shootings took place blocks apart. 129 died, dozens more injured. 89 of the dead were at a concert at the Bataclan concert hall; gunmen stormed the building during the concert, causing mass chaos and death. Islamic State (IS) is also claiming responsibility for this devastation.
  • On Friday, Baghdad experienced a suicide bombing at a wedding. 17 people were killed and 35 were injured. Then, two days later, another set of bombings occurred in central Baghdad, killing 7 and injuring 15. Islamic State (IS) is also taking credit for these bombings as well.

Following the Paris attacks and the Japan earthquake, the Study Abroad Office was able to get in touch will all of the participants in Europe and Japan. If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information, please contact ISU-StudyAbroad@mail.indstate.edu.

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