Frequent Flyer Status- Bethany C.

This month’s Sycamore Spotlight is former Student Worker Bethany C. Bethany first went to National University of Ireland Maynooth in the Fall of 2014; now she is at American College of Thessaloniki in Greece. Here’s what she has to say:

Mountains and ShirtI actually don’t know very much about the elections, except that they already happened.  I have been told, however, that it’s very typical for Greeks to vote based on one characteristic of a candidate rather than that person’s political back ground or whole of their views.  That probably happens a lot in the states as well, but it’s not seen as “ignorant voting” here, it’s just pretty regular. 
SeaAs for everyday life though, IT’S FANTASTIC HERE.  The people are very, very friendly and always willing to help you if you’re lost or just want a recommendation on where to eat.  It’s different for me, in comparison with everywhere else in Europe that I’ve traveled to, because English isn’t always readily spoken (not that this is bad they obviously aren’t inclined to know English by any means, it’s just very interesting and a new challenge). That being said, most young people speak English fairly well, but most from older generations won’t understand any.  Another thing, pronunciations are very important.  They won’t understand what you are saying if you don’t say it in a Greek accent; so, even if you are saying Greek words but using an English accent, you pretty much might as well be speaking English. 
RainbowsThe weather is still very nice, I wore a tank top yesterday and it was beautiful and sunny; however, it’s going to start getting pretty rainy soon, I hear.  The food is great (tzatsiki goes on everything) and the wine is plenty.  School is good so far, as well; ACT has a very beautiful campus even though it’s only 2 buildings.  There’s only like 700 kids that go to the college and probably just under half are internationals (aka mostly from the states).  One of my classes is sailing which is so much fun, every Tuesday and Thursday we go to the marina and learn how to sail a boat and we’re going to take an overnight sailing trip later in the semester and earn our sailing certificates eventually.  The school offers a lot of amazing trips that you can sign up for like hiking Mt. Olympus, canyoning, scuba diving (to name a few) so I’m exciting for the ones that are still up-coming and also to start traveling on my own here soon. Fall break is just around the corner and time is flying!!

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