Director’s Comment of the Week: Move-In Day

Move-In 8.14This post has been circulating its way around my social media pages, so I figured it would be appropriate to put here. Both Kristi and I are mothers and know how hard it is to let you children go. As parents, we know how parents feel when it comes to seeing your children go off in the world and start a brand new life. It’ll be tough on them to drive away and leave you. And you might not realize it, but it’ll be tough on you too.

Once your parents are gone, however, you’re on your own. These next few months will be some of the toughest you’ll have to endure. You will learn how to get on your feet, take care of yourself, be accountable for yourself, and how to manage your time wisely. The most important thing that you’ll get out of these four years is that you are able to find yourself and realize who you are as a person. Just be open to new experiences.

Welcome to Indiana State to all of you Freshmen and Welcome Home to all of our Upper Classmen.

-Director Chrissie Strong


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