Location Light-Up: Stirling, Scotland

This month’s Location Light-Up is focused on our partner school in Scotland: University of Stirling.

Image Courtesy of University of Stirling

Scotland is located above England on the British Isles, giving it a distinct English feel with a rich historic culture. Our partner school, University of Stirling, is located about 40 miles from Edinburgh and 30 miles from Glasgow. Stirling, the town, is considered an ancient fortress town, with several of the original buildings still in place. It used to be Scotland’s capital city, with a small population of about 46,000 people.

Campus Overview
Image Courtesy of University of Stirling

Studies at Stirling can be done in virtually all majors and minors. The GPA requirement is higher than many other programs, requiring a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. With a semester course offering as well as a specialized Summer School, Stirling is a popular location for students in all disciplines.

The weather in Scotland is much different than the weather here in the United States. Being surrounded by water, it is often rainy, windy, and cold on the British Isles. Be sure to pack a rain jacket and a pair of gloves for those blustery days!

For more information on this program, contact us at ISU-StudyAbroad@mail.indstate.edu.

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