Know Before You Go: Greece Part 3, Pluto, and Donald Trump

Here are the Top Five news stories that caught our eyes this week!

  1. Greece Financial Crisis Part 3

    Where the bailout money will be coming from
    Where the bailout money will be coming from (Graphic Courtesy of BBC)

What You Need to Know: Greece has presented a new deal to one of their creditors, the International Monetary Fund. On Monday, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tspiras agreed to a new deal that would require Greece to increase taxes and raise the retirement age. Although Tspiras doesn’t believe in the deal, he still agreed to it. It is up to the Greek parliament to approve the agreement, which could give Greece €86 billion. When this was announced on Monday, many Greeks called it a humiliation and are opposing it. England’s Prime Minister David Cameron states that the UK will not contribute to the bailout. The UK is one of the few countries in the E.U. that doesn’t use the Euro. The deputy finance minister Nadia Valavani resigned ahead of the Wednesday night vote, stating “I’m not going to vote for this amendment and this means I cannot stay in the government.” She submitted her resignation to Tspiras in light of Monday’s announcement. At time of print, the debate over whether or not to accept the deal was in full swing. Protests in Athens outside of the parliament building had begun to turn violent as protesters clashed with police. For more information about this story, visit For up to the minute information, visit

Why You Need to Know This: This is the third instalment of the Greece Financial Crisis and it most certainly won’t be the last. With the vote currently being debated in parliament, we will need to talk about this again next week. Whether accepting or rejecting the deal, both decisions could have serious ramifications. The banks have been shut for over three weeks now, and this could continue until the end of the month. The Euro has started to fall in light of the Greek vote. We’ll have to see what happens next.

Office Top Tip: So far tourists have been able to draw out money from the ATMs, but if the banks stay closed, it’s unclear as to how long this could last. Currently Ryanair (a European airline) is offering flights to Greece at $5. This is a great, super cheap flight. But when the decision is revealed, things could get tense quickly.

2. Mexican Drug Lord’s Prison Break

What You Need to Know: One of the world’s most wanted drug lords escaped from a Mexican prison via tunnel this past week. Joaquin Guzman broke out of a maximum security prison near Mexico City, sparking a massive manhunt across Mexico. Guzman escaped by a hole in his jail cell which led to a ladder and then a tunnel that came to an end just outside the prison walls. This isn’t the first time that Guzman has escaped jail. He broke out of prison in 2001 by bribing prison guards and then hiding in a laundry basket. He was recaptured in 2014. The U.S. government had been offering a $5 million reward for his arrest; Guzman is the head of the Sinaloa cartel which smuggles cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine into the U.S. Three prison officials, including the Director of the Jail have been dismissed following the escape. For more information about this story, visit

Why You Need to Know This: This nationwide manhunt is causing traffic stops across Mexico City and perhaps even the country if this continues. Guzman is the head of the most powerful cartels in Mexico and this could mean that drug traffic to the U.S. could increase.

Office Top Tip: If you are planning to be in or around Mexico in the coming months, be prepared for stops and searches if Guzman isn’t caught. If you see anything suspicious, report it to the proper authorities.

3. Deal Reached in Iran Nuclear Talks

Secretary of State John Kerry with the members of the Negotiating team that have signed the deal. (Image Courtesy of BBC)
Secretary of State John Kerry with the members of the Negotiating team that have signed the deal. (Image Courtesy of BBC)

What You Need to Know: We touched on Iran’s Nuclear deal earlier this month, but now some positive news has come forward. After 20 months of negotiations, a deal has been reached. One of the biggest things to come out of the deal is that Iran’s uranium stockpile will be reduced by 98%. Uranium is a key ingredient in producing nuclear weapons. It will also be limited to 5,060 centrifuges over the next 10 years; tens of thousands of centrifuges are needed to construct a bomb. The global nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will keep an eye on Iran so that no nuclear program will be run in secret. For more information on this story, visit

Location of Iran's Nuclear Facilities (Graphic Courtesy of BBC)
Location of Iran’s Nuclear Facilities (Graphic Courtesy of BBC)

Why You Need to Know This: We talked about this a few weeks ago. This deal is good for the entire globe. One of the reasons that Iran is under so much scrutiny is because the Western world is worried about a nuclear war. Although it has been a long negotiation, this deal is quite possibly the best they could have made. This limits Iran’s nuclear program and makes it virtually impossible for them to have a bomb.

Office Top Tip: Breathe easy folks! This is a great step forward in global peace talks.

4. NASA’s Pluto Flyby

New Horizons' Flight Path (Graphic Courtesy of BBC)
New Horizons’ Flight Path (Graphic Courtesy of BBC)

What You Need to Know: In a historic mission that began in 2006, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft sent home one of the most detailed pictures of Pluto that has ever been seen. Flying by the Dwarf Planet at 31,000 miles per hour, the message to four and a half hours to come home to NASA. The incredible image has been nine years in the making. New Horizons has visited every planet since its launch in January 2006.

Why You Need to Know This: Some people consider Pluto to still be a planet. Whatever you stance is, this is a great leap forward in space exploration. We have our first really clear picture of the farthest reach of our solar system. Perhaps we can continue our reach even farther out to get some more pictures of whatever else is out there.

Office Top Tip: These pictures are definitely a must see! Take a look at this picture and remember how much is left to explore!

The Best Picture of Pluto Ever Taken (Image Courtesy of BBC)
The Best Picture of Pluto Ever Taken (Image Courtesy of BBC)

5. 2016 Presidential Hopefuls

What You Need to Know: With the Presidential Elections coming up in 2016, hopeful candidates are declaring their candidacy left and right. 20 candidates have already stepped up to the plate, 15 Republicans and 5 Democrats. Two women have stepped into the ring, Democrat Hilary Clinton (former First Lady and former Secretary of State) and Republican Carly Fiorina (former boss of Hewlett Packard and executive at AT&T). The men of the race are from all over the country and sport a variety of backgrounds. There is a son and brother of ex-presidents, a Miami native born to Cuban immigrants, a governor of Wisconsin, and a billionaire business mogul among the front runners. Donald Trump is leading the Republican side of the race with 17% of those surveyed earlier in the week, and is followed by Jeb Bush who has 14%. However, when Trump is matched up against Hilary Clinton (the Democratic front runner), he is behind by 17 points. For more information on this story and the candidates, go to

Why You Need to Know This: If you’re traveling abroad in the next year or two, this will be a hot topic. After 8 years of the same president, the world will be watching to see who steps in to replace Obama. Knowing the candidates and where they stand will help you make an informed decision and also talk about the election with your international friends!

Office Top Tip: Get to know the candidates. There could me more throwing their hats into the ring, but as time passes, the field will begin to narrow. Once 2016 rolls around, be sure that you’re registered to vote!!

Check back next week for more news so you can Know Before You Go!

All stories are based off of information gather from CNN, the New York Times, The Guardian, The BBC, and the Telegraph.


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