How to Celebrate the 4th of July Abroad

One of the hardest things about a summer program is that there is a possibility that you’ll be gone for the 4th of July. Celebrating our independence is one of the biggest parts of summer in America; Being abroad during the celebrations will be hard, but here are some ways that you can Celebrate the 4th of July while you’re away!

  1. Get Together with Other American Students
    • If you are studying abroad, there are chances that other American students are too. Just like you, they will be homesick around this time of your trip. They’ll be missing out on family and friends getting together to watch the fireworks just like you are. So why not get together with them and throw your own 4th of July Party? Get some red, white, and blue streamers, balloons, plates, and anything else you can think of and celebrate!
  2. See if Your Host University is Doing Anything
    • The whole point of being at your host school means that you’ll be with people who have been there before and have helped other study abroad students in the past. See if your school or your program offers any 4th of July Festivities. If they don’t, maybe you can help plan one!
  3. Put Together Your Own 4th of July BBQ
    • In some locations, you’ll be living in an apartment with other study abroad students. That is a great place to throw your own BBQ! See if there are any stores that stock your favorite American food (No BBQ is complete without the Lays!) and whip up some burgers and fries with your roommates!
  4. Marathon Some Patriotic Movies
    • If you just want to spend the day at home, lounging around in your favorite red, white, and blue sweatpants, why not throw on some patriotic movies? Independence Day is a must, but why not mix it up with some Captain America, American Hustle, American Pie, or any other American movie that you love!!

Studying abroad during the 4th of July can be tough, but don’t let it get you down! Find your own way to celebrate America while you’re abroad!

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